Some Updates July 11

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Because of the Brandon Straka event (this link if you want tickets but there are only a few left) we will not be having our Task Force meeting tomorrow night.

But here is some information and some updates!

1) Peggy Hall’s suggestions for what to do when the Feds show up at your door, as Biden, Bacerra et al seemed to imply they just might, in the name of health and safety for all.
WHAT TO DO WHEN FEMA COMES KNOCKING — Peggy Hall – YouTube I especially like when she suggested we ask THEM for proof of their Hep-B tests (highly contagious!) TB xrays (also highly contagious!) etc.

2) A terrific article by Leo Hohmann which includes another set of suggestions for the same circumstances
What Will You Do When The Feds Come Knocking? (

3) An RJK Jr. Interview with Leila Centner of the Centner school which has rejected every single COVID-related “mandate” for her school – possibly the only educator in the country who has so utterly protected the students from the various means of damaging our children. Leila Centner Tells RFK, Jr.: My Academy Welcomes Unvaccinated, Unmasked Students — and Is Hiring New Teachers • Children’s Health Defense (

4) Our video suggestions, updated to include those suggested by TASK FORCE MEMBERS! The descriptions are attached. If you have others, or would like to be part of the media team, please let me know! We’re scripting, storyboarding and casting now, and need you on board!

5) Lawsuits are abounding regarding schools (K12 and universities) and yes, there are efforts underway to rush full FDA approval. This entire COVID era has revealed many things, among which is how profoundly the administrative state – CDC, OSHA, NEA, inter alia – not our elected legislative branch, are the ones creating the “rules” which seem to be controlling our lives. Republican governors are standing up to these anti-science, anti-health, anti-freedom measures; generally speaking, Democrat ones embrace them. In fact, California seems to be one of the only states, if not THE only state, going AGAINST CDC guidelines and recommending that students and teachers all remain masked and tested when school starts in September in a move that seems driven, again, by an administrative agency, the California “Health” and “Human” Services Agency. Of course, you and I know what their argument is: because “insufficient” numbers of kids are vaccinated, therefore to keep from discriminating against the unvaxxed, EVERYBODY has to wear a mask. And you and I know exactly why they make this argument, AND this policy: it’s the unvaxxed kids’ fault that this inhumane treatment is being imposed.

6) We will be reaching out to gubernatorial candidates with our anti-segregation pledge. Stand by for the roll-out! We DO know of course that Kevin Kiley has proposed an anti-mandate bill so he’s a definite signatory to the pledge. It’s my guess that Larry Elder will be too.

LOTS more coming up. Sorry about tomorrow night but I look forward to “seeing” you a week from tomorrow.

And of course, please don’t hesitate to email me!

See you Monday the 19th!


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