Some PSA-like Video Ideas July 7

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Dear Task Force!

(Can’t really even call it an anti-Mandate task force anymore… it’s an anti-SEGREGATION, PRO=FREEDOM task force!)

This morning I met with our videographer Marc and we came up with 4 really outstanding “variants” of Public-Service-like announcements, video shorts.
Each of these is just an idea…. each needs to be developed…. and scripts and work and so on. But they’re a good start. If you have comments or ideas, please let me know! We will discuss.

Variant A: Broken Family
Have in mind the pet adoption ads that totally tug at ones heartstrings.
The basic idea:
Grandma “visits” with grandson but since she’s not vaccinated the parents “protect” little Tommy so he and grandma can only talk through the window – picture scenes of prison visitation, each with a hand on their side of the glass…”I Miss you grandma” “Why can’t you hug me anymore” “Why can’t you come to my party” “Don’t you love me anymore, grandma?” Mom in the background answering… grandma might make you sick, sweetie….Grandma is the picture of health, maybe just came from or is heading out to play tennis, totally fit but also desperately sad. Or maybe grandma has a reason NOT to get the vax. They turn away, tearfully.

Variant B: The Unclean Can’t Join in at Timmy’s Party
It’s Timmy’s birthday and the kids all clamor and play as they approach the door at Timmy’s house. Balloons etc are there, all the usual accoutrements of kids’ birthday parties.
One by one, the kids are welcomed in, big to-do, presents taken, shown into the house
Till it’s little Mikey’s turn.
“Mikey, have you been vaccinated yet?”
Mikey hangs his head.
“So sorry, Mikey, we wish you could come play with all the kids but we don’t want you to get any of the children sick – that wouldn’t be very nice, would it?”
Mikey hangs his head some more, shaking it, in tears.
“But thank you for bringing this nice present! Timmy will be very happy. Oh, and here’s your goody bag. have a nice day!”

Variant C: First Date
at the restaurant, over dinner, chatter, laughter, meaningful looks, wine etc
walking on the beach at sunset, romantic, tentative hand-holding
walking to door… more hand-holding
at the door – good night kiss…he whispers ” it’s OK, I’ve been vaccinated”
she pushes him away are you KIDDING ME?
***needs better ending…

Variant D: Bridge
The ladies have gotten together on Wednesday night, as they have done every Wednesday night for years and years, for Bridge.
It had been closed by now open.
Tables of bridge players (or some other thing) all happily playing
Talking about which vax they got. Till Marge confesses
No, I didn’t get any of them.
The room goes silent. a dozen-1 happy ladies stop in their tracks, a collective gasp.
Then the chatter begins again – who will tell her etc etc can you believe it, going to get us all sick
then one of them does what has to be done.
She tells Marge that they all care, they’ve all been vaxxed, they’ve all done what they are supposed to do to keep themselves safe from harm, but MARGE! MARGE! You’re putting us all at risk!
We simply can’t be around you, Marge.
But I’m healthy!
So sorry, Marge.
But… you’re all vaccinated!
Marge, you know that doesn’t matter
But… how does THAT make any sense?
Marge, we’d love to have you but we just don’t feel safe around you.
But you’re all vaccinated!
What does that have to do with anything?
Marge, we’ve been playing together for 30 years, and it’s obvious you are just selfish.

ALL comments much appreciated!


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