Some Task Force Updates July 1st

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Dear AFA Anti-Mandate Task Force!

A few items and updates for you –

1) Videos
We’ve been talking about testimonial videos ( thank you, to those who have made and sent them in!) and also Public Service Announcement-style videos, 10-30 seconds long.
For the PSAs, we will be getting together TUESDAY July 6th at 11AM in Oak Park – email me for the address. I will be sending draft “scripts” shortly – if you have ideas for any, please let me know!

2) The NEA
This is happening now.

America’s largest teachers’ union to vote on mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations, masks and testing for students | Fox News

3) Regarding the non-passport passport.

Gov. Newsom is about to release a non-passport passport, i.e., an electronic verification of ones vaccination. They say it’s just for our “convenience,” that it will be good to have a record of being vaccinated “on our phones” through this system in the event that the actual card is misplaced, although, if it’s a matter of convenience, one could just take a photo of ones vax card and be done with it, right? So, it’s complete garbage and a vehicle to create a system for tracking. When you enter your information in the system, it will create a handy QR code (the square with the squiggles) that has the record of ones vaccination. And if you think it will only ever contain that information, there are bridges I’d like to sell you. These QR codes can be used to contain information such as this vaccine, or all one’s vaccine records, perhaps any records of seeing mental health experts, maybe one’s voter registration, or…. I don’t know, you decide what you think might be beyond the pale. To me, once the Pandora’s Box is open for this kind of thing, for an experimental vaccine in response to a disease that is 98% survivable and for which there are multiple treatments, all in the name of “for the public health,” there is nothing that can’t somehow come under that rubric. Nothing. This is the first, and it will never, ever end. Ever. That is precisely why this IS the key fight of our time. If you’ve been waiting to find the right battle to get involved in, this is the one.

So, first, whenever anyone asks for your vaccine card in any form, the only acceptable answer is: none of your business.
Not for those who haven’t been vaccinated, and not for those who have.
The only way tyrants get away with the demand “your papers, please” is if people comply with the request.
The way to STOP them is to Just. Say. No. Don’t comply with this “most reasonable” request. Because it won’t end there.

And another idea.
This link describes, in laudatory language, the non-passport passport: You Can Now Show a Digital Vaccine Card on Your Phone With California’s New Online System (
It also has the link for how to go about getting this “digital card.” Digital COVID-19 Vaccine Record (

I’m not suggesting you clog the system with fake accounts or photographs or names of cartoon characters, and I’m not saying it would do any good, but you could, if you wanted to. Up to you.

4) Attached is the most recent flyer. Your comments would be greatly appreciated.

5) The website
The AFA website is being updated to include information regarding vax mandates etc – it’s under the heading CHOOSE FREEDOM.
The main link is here.
Graphics are being added so it’s not all complete, but we hope that the information provided here is clear and useful; we’ll be updating it regularly, with your help.

6) This is some interesting news – keeping an eye on it. GOP Lawmaker To Introduce Bill To Ban Private Businesses From Requiring Proof Of COVID-19 Vaccination | The Daily Wire

7) Pledges coming soon. Stand by.

If you have any suggestions about contending with all of this, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

– Choose Freedom-


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