Nonie Darwish at AFA – “Wholly Different: Why I Chose Biblical Values over Islamic Values”

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Last Sunday, AFA held a Literary Cafe featuring Wholly Different: Why I Chose Biblical Values over Islamic Values by Middle East expert and former Muslim Nonie Darwish.  A capacity crowd joined us for a lavish reception followed by a conversation with Nonie about her remarkable and ground-breaking book.

Since the election, the ugliness, rage and deliberate deception on many topics including Islam has gotten progressively worse.  The “Muslim ban” in particular has driven all discourse into a shocking and shockingly ignorant crescendo.  Most of us have seen or engaged in conversations where the facts we present are met with blustering righteousness about how “You’re just racist,” “That’s not who we are” and my personal favorite,  “Most of them aren’t terrorists!”  Which is of course true – but irrelevant.

Indeed.  Most aren’t.  But we also know that the violent aspect of jihad is only one tiny fraction of the danger.  We also have cultural-immigration jihad that is pernicious and profoundly destructive and which, sadly, is able to succeed only by preying on that which is the best in us: our compassion, who we do see ourselves to be, and our desire to embrace “diversity.”

But Nonie’s stellar book outlines, issue by fundamental issue, how the belief systems of Islam and of our own culture are utterly at odds with each other and through her detailed examination, reveals how deep and unbridgeable the chasm between them is.  Her book “connects the dots” between Islamic values and Biblical values, and explores, area by area, how Islamic values are utterly antithetical to all that we hold dear, all that underlies the successes and prosperity of this great nation.  Topics such as how sin is perceived, the relationship between us and our respective Gods, love, life, honesty, happiness, feminism, mental health are just a few of the topics, and each of these is discussed at length in the book, revealing how one set of values guides to the light, happiness, fulfillment and empowerment, and the other leads to their opposite.

Watch my conversation with Nonie Darwish at our recent Literary Cafe, where we touch on many of the stunning connections and revelations.  Each of these can provide topics for us to share with our “let them all in!” friends and family.  The foreword itself should be disseminated far and wide. And I think you’ll agree with me that copies of the book itself should be sent to those leaders who continue to commit national suicide in their zeal to embrace “diversity” and to find ways to sabotage their own culture, their own nation to “coexist” even with those determined to destroy all that they are.

Our 2016 conference, “Islam and Western Civilization: Can they coexist?” answered the question from a number of perspectives.  This book provides a comprehensive explanation of the cultural, ideological aspects of why the answer, clearly, is “no.”


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