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Dear Friend of the American Freedom Alliance,

The cornucopia that represents Thanksgiving is a wonderful reminder of the bounty that was celebrated at that first Thanksgiving, and of the struggle and sacrifice of those brave men and women of the Mayflower whose desire for religious freedom brought them, at tremendous risk, to these shores.

The bounty of today is of a different kind.  Yes, we have the vast richness of the Earth’s harvest, to be sure.  But we also are blessed with the freedoms that had their seed in the Mayflower Compact, the first document ever to institute the concept of self-government and which, together with the Magna Carta, helped form the foundation of that most wondrous of documents, the Constitution of the United States.  And of course the principles set out in the Declaration of Independence are the underpinnings of a worldview never before seen on the face of the Earth.

Because of those seeds planted in the early days of this nation, our cornucopias of today are filled not only with the bounty of the Earth, but also with opportunities of unprecedented scale and scope.  The freedoms and principles crafted and fought for over the life-span of this country have brought forth the greatest prosperity ever achieved and we are its blessed beneficiaries.

The past two years have seen a bursting forth of a similar craving for freedom and a renewed vigor in those willing to fight for it.  As always, however, that fight has galvanized those who prefer shackles to freedom, ever-greater government to empowerment of individuals.  This isn’t new.  But it means that while elections most certainly have consequences, they’re only the beginning.  And I don’t know about you, but I feel completely energized to ensure the vitality of  those freedoms that are the seeds of the rich cornucopia of opportunity, of potential, of the vast array of plenty of all kinds, for all people.

As the daughter of an immigrant, I am especially grateful for the goodness of this country and for the bounty with which we are blessed, and celebrating Thanksgiving today with friends and family fills me with profound joy, optimism and gratitude.

And it is with real pleasure that, on behalf of the American Freedom Alliance, I wish you and yours a most Happy Thanksgiving and hope that you share some of the same joy and optimism that I’ve been feeling about the future of this great nation.

Most sincerely,

Karen Siegemund
The American Freedom Alliance

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