AFA: the OPPOSITE of a hate group


Yet again, those who seek to destroy our freedoms have set their sights on the American Freedom Alliance. 

Because we are a threat to anti-freedom-loving people, and we ARE a threat to those seeking to destroy Western Civilization, and the Judeo Christian values on which it is built,  we recognize the desperate need of hateful, hate-filled organizations such as the Southern Poverty Law Center to destroy us. 

But the outrage of their accusing us,  the AMERICAN FREEDOM ALLIANCE – of being an anti-Semitic hate group?  It’s beyond absurd, harmful, and makes a mockery of where actual anti-Semitism does exist.  

Slander such as this is unacceptable – and yet, it is the go-to for hate groups such as the Southern Poverty Law Center who threaten, accuse, seek to destroy.

I hesitate to even write the following, but for those few of those who heed the SPLC call to action who might actually care about the truth, here it is:

AFA was founded by a devout Jew. Our traditions and our ethos are deeply embedded in Judaic tradition and a love, a profound love of Israel.  Nearly all of our members are either Jewish or Israel-loving Christians. Three of our five board members are Jewish, with strong ideological and familial connections to Israel. We honor our Judeo-Christian heritage, and in fact support it in the face of constant attacks by Leftist-Globalists who recognize that such religious traditions and spiritual connections are one of the biggest bulwarks against their mission.  

We challenge you, we challenge anybody, to find one shred of anti-semitism in anything that we do.

In addition, we are being accused of being anti-immigrant.  Another utterly preposterous and dishonest accusation. We challenge you to find one shred of anti-immigrant bias in anything we do. AFA was founded by an immigrant, a tremendous proportion of our members, and speakers, are either immigrants themselves or children of immigrants.  In fact, it seems to be immigrants who treasure the freedom we have here, who value and fight for it, and who are the warning cry of the totalitarianism that is coming here to the US, because they themselves fled it.

We EMBRACE immigrants, but let’s be clear: we embrace those who come here legally, and who come for what is good and great about this country, NOT those who seek to destroy it.  

It is a hateful thing, for the SPLC to consider us a hate group, when we are a group full of LOVE: LOVE of country, LOVE of our Judeo-Christian roots, LOVE of freedom, LOVE of Constitution, LOVE of Israel, LOVE of one another.

It is the SPLC that is hate-filled, and that chooses to fabricate accusations, that incites violence and protests at our venues, that causes dangerous situations for us, our venues, our guests and our speakers.  What they do is what all totalitarian regimes seek to do: SILENCE those in opposition to them, and to do so with threats and lies.  

What they do is unconscionable.

But it’s how totalitarians operate: They seek to silence, by any means necessary, any dissenting voice.

We had addressed this back in 2017 here when the lies first began.


The entire raison d’etre of the American Freedom Alliance is to PREVENT the kind of totalitarianism that has historically ushered in the most vile, abhorrent, anti-Semitic, anti-other violence that we have seen in this past century.  The irony is tremendous, but as always, the Left has no connection to the truth, and will destroy anything in it juggernaut-path by any means necessary.

Find out for yourselves: watch our videos, hear our speakers, and see who has YOUR FREEDOM, YOUR best interest, YOUR FUTURE at heart.

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