France is Already Lost – Fight Now to Preserve the US: Guy Milliere at AFA Conference

 In AFA 2016 Conference, AFA Fellows

Guy Millière, an AFA Fellow and Senior Fellow at the Gatestone Institute, delivered an impassioned and horrifying speech at AFA’s August Conference “Islam and Western Civilization: Can They Coexist?”

When the reality of Islam is concealed in various ways – political correctness, the protection of the media, ignorance of politicians, a national culture of surrender – the consequences are horrific.  Guy Millière spares nothing in his descriptions of these horrors and insists that only when we face the truth are we sufficiently armed to fight back against a totalitarian political movement bent on destroying Western Civilization.

Some major points:

  • Islam wants to conquer Europe – it’s too late there but not yet too late here
  • Muslims use two tools to conquer Europe:  attacks, and “dawah”
  • The horror of the Bataclan nightclub massacre was far more than the 130+ people who died and the four – FOUR – hours it took for the police to finally enter the building.  The gruesome realities reveal a love of violence and bloodshed, and were concealed by the French [and American] media
  • The influx of “refugees” includes many trained in these attacks, but Muslims all over the world are told to kill non-Muslims wherever they are, in whatever manner they can.
  • Dawah is an “invitation to submit” to Islam but is hardly the benign invitation it is made out to be.
  • Free speech is being shut down; it is increasingly dangerous to criticize Islam
  • “If Dawah works, it’s because of political correctness.  If political correctness works, it’s because the Left uses political correctness as a tool.”
  • The Left and Islam have something in common: they hate Western Civilization… they want to destroy Western Civilization… hatred is what brings them together.
  • The media belongs to the Left in Europe – the media is lost.  Politicians are lost.
  • France is lost – they don’t know how to fight back but are good at pre-emptive surrender.
  • The time to fight back here in the US is now.  Stop the infiltration by Muslims.  Crush the source – crush the Islamic State and Islamic movement.  See Islam as it is- not as a religion but a totalitarian political movement in the garments of a religion.
  • Islam is fighting a war against the West and Freedom.
  • Right now we have a choice between strength and weakness – choose strength.

His answer to the question of coexistence is, clearly, a resounding NO.

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